Shenglu Selected By Largest Russian Telecom Operator for Mobile Network Modernization

Shenglu Telecommunication Tech. Co., Ltd. (SZSE: 002446), a China based leading provider of antenna for communications networks is selected by the largest telecommunication operator in Russia as the sole supplier of their 4G network modernization Project from 2020 to 2022.


For this project, Shenglu offers multi port, Multi band, high gain, compact macro base station antennas. These antennas will mainly be deployed in urban areas and partially deployed in rural areas to carry operator’s increasing 4G traffic. Shenglu antenna will contribute to reduce the consumption of the precious space on the operator’s tower, and increase the coverage of the mobile coverage for high speed mobile internet user for Russian market.


microwave and base station antenna


Shenglu offers comprehensive portfolio for the massive deployment of mobile network upgrade.


About Shenglu:

Shenglu based in Foshan, Guangdong, China, founded in 1998, has been known for its strong R&D and manufacturing capability serving the global tier 1 telecom equipment provider. Shenglu is aiming to be the top antenna provider for our customer, focusing on the microwave, base station antenna, terminal antenna and DAS antenna, related accessories and components.


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