Automotive Antennas

Shenglu provides you with different kinds of automotive antennas. High-quality automotive antennas include GPS antennas, AM/FM antennas, GNSS&DAB antennas, etc. Automotive antennas work on a simple principle. A minute electrical charge is produced by the passage of the radio waves over the antenna's mast. Depending on the size and different important points of the car antennas, precise radio wavelengths can be captured more easily than other antennas. Car antennas are considered important car accessories because of their ability to provide uninterrupted wireless signal and radio wave transmission in your vehicle.

Types of Car Antennas

There are many kinds of car antennas, from terrestrial radio antennas to satellite radio antennas, AM/FM antennas, GPS antennas, and GNSS&DAB antennas. Each is designed to receive a specific type of signal. Shenglu offers a wide variety of high-quality automotive antennas.

How Car Antennas Work

Radio waves are a type of magnetic energy generated by a transmitter and a transmission antenna. The automotive antennas are built to pick up the magnetic energy of the radio waves and send it to the car's radio receiver, which in turn isolates and amplifies the radio waves you want to listen to.

Functions of Car Antennas

The car antennas are integrated with several other functions besides the radio. If you have a car phone in some high-end cars, the car antennas can enhance signal strength. In addition, they can also enhance car navigation GPS global positioning signal, and so on. Equipping your vehicle with superior quality automotive antennas ensures continuous transmission of radio waves.

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