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Item Name Specification Item Name Specification
AM/FM Antenna Electrical Parameter GPS /Compass B1 Antenna Electrical Parameter
Frequency Range
AM 520~1710KHz
FM 88~108MHz
Frequency Range
B1 (1559.098±2.046)MHz
Gain AM -4±5dB Gain 28±3dB
FM 14±4dB Polarization RHCP
VSWR ≤4.5 VSWR ≤2
Noise Voltage AM ≤-6 dBμV Noise Factor ≤1.5dB
FM ≤0 dBμV Out of band attenuation ≥30dB @ fo±100MHz
Power DC +9~+16V Power DC+3.3~+5V
Feed by coaxial line
Current 30~90mA(@+12V) Current ≤20mA(@+3.3V)
Input Connector ISO-J Input Connector FAKRA 

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Antenna Basics


Radio waves are a kind of magnetic electricity generated by means of a transmitter and a transmission antenna. The antenna on your automobile is constructed to select up the magnetic power of the radio waves and ship it to the car's radio receiver, which in flip isolates and amplifies the radio waves you prefer to hear to.


The automotive antenna works on a easy principle. Minute electrical charge is produced by the passage of the radio waves over the antenna's mast . Depending on the size and different important points of the antenna design, precise radio wavelengths are captured extra effortlessly than others. The plan of a car's radio antenna takes into account the differing frequencies of the AM and FM bands to supply correct reception with either.


Sending the Signal to the Receiver


It's necessary, of course, for the electrical impulses generated by means of the automotive antenna to get to your automobile radio with as little loss of sign as possible. Automotive antennas obtain this via the use a transmission line. The transmission line consists of a coaxial cable and a connector that plugs into the auto radio's antenna jack. Coaxial cable is chosen for its capability to switch susceptible alerts with a minimal of loss and addition of electrical interference. The coaxial cable in your vehicle is comparable to that observed linked to the tv in your home---it's a two-conductor cable, with an internal copper wire surrounded via an insulating cloth and an outer defend made of skinny copper braiding. Surrounding all of this is a tough, rubberized outer sheath that continues the cable secure from harm whilst keeping flexibility.


For the connection to the receiver, most automotive antenna transmission traces use a standardized "Motorola" fashion plug. Some automobile fashions rent special connectors, however adapters are accessible in the match the vehicle radio or antenna is replaced.


Suitability for HD Radio and Other Transmissions


Car radios are designed and constructed to function optimally in the AM and FM frequency bands. The creation of the new medium of HD Radio broadcasting has prompted some to fear that an extra or new antenna will be required to acquire these transmissions, however there is nothing to fear, on account that HD Radio transmissions are broadcast on fashionable AM and FM frequencies, "piggybacked" on present analog transmissions. You do want a unique radio to get hold of HD Radio broadcasts, however the present automotive antenna will work quality with that radio.


Standard automotive antennas are no longer designed to function with some different specialised broadcasts, especially satellite tv for pc radio transmissions such as XM or SIRIUS. You'll want a specialised antenna for these services.

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