Terminal Antennas

Shenglu focuses on the field of wireless intelligent terminal antennas (smart home, smartphones, tablets, laptops, car electronic navigation, Beidou system), and provides the best WiFi antennas products and services to meet the whole industry chain of precision mold design and manufacturing, injection molding, surface coating, and light metal chassis manufacturing requirements. Wireless network devices such as routers and smartphones have receive and transmit antennas. The receiving antenna receives electromagnetic waves and converts them into electrical signals. In contrast, transmit antennas convert electrical signals into EM waves. WiFi antennas convert these data packets to EM waves for data processing. Even better, WiFi antennas can give you better range and performance when the signal is blocked by walls.

The Role of WiFi Antennas

In the Internet era, our lives are more and more inseparable from wifi antennas. Wifi antenna technology has made rapid development and progress. The advantages of technology are essential, and so is the necessity. It is also a powerful supplement to 5g data services in the future. Routers without WiFi antennas have poor signal reception and have a great impact on work and study, so it's really important.

How Do WiFi Antennas Work

Wireless devices communicate wirelessly with each other using radio waves. These wireless signals are just electromagnetic waves (EM waves) that contain packets of information. WiFi antennas convert electromagnetic waves into electrical signals and vice versa.

Advantages of WiFi Antennas

WiFi antennas are important equipment for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves. The terminal antennas send the received signal to the receiver and then output it. Many products such as routers, require WiFi antennas. Without terminal antennas, the ability to receive signals is poor, which can easily affect the speed of the Internet. WiFi antennas can also be used effectively in areas with weak signals and can greatly enhance the wireless signal.

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