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Electrical Parameter
Frequency Range (MHz) 433
VSWR ≤2.5
Input Impedance(Ω) 50
Max Gain(dBi) 3
Polarization Vertical
Max Input Power(W) 10
Input Connector SMA-J
Other Parameter
Height(mm) 170±3
Weight(g) 16±5
Radome Material Plastic
Antenna Color Black
WorkingTemperature(℃) -40~+60 

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With an average of about 30 inches in height and only a few inches in width, the 4G antenna outdoor range has been an asset to many. Along with the capability to work on multiple bands, these antennas are able to offer a great deal of diversity to the user. This can be attributed to their ability to work on frequencies that are not necessarily covered by the majority of cell phone providers.


One of the many things that Shenglu 4g external antenna can do is that it can work as a cordless telephone adapter. Because the signals produced are not very strong, this makes the phone an effective means of communication for users who are far from cell phone towers. In addition to being able to connect to a tower, the user will also be able to send and receive text messages. A wealth of features can be found when it comes to the capabilities of the antenna outdoor.


Another thing that is able to be found is the coverage area. In most cases, these antennas are able to cover quite a bit of area because of 4g antenna supplier's improvement . This is great because the user will be able to receive free nationwide coverage on all of their bases. In addition to this, the signal strength will remain constant in the area. This means that regardless of where the user is in the country or overseas, they will be able to receive a constant signal.


When it comes to the reception of the 4G antenna outdoor signal, there are a few factors that will determine how well it works. The first factor deals with how the antenna receives the signals. This means that while a signal may be stronger at one location than it is at another, it will likely be more consistent. For instance, a wireless connection in a rural area may be weaker than one in the city but it will likely be more consistent than one that is located in the middle of a large city.


As a result of the consistency of the signal, it is likely that the user will not experience any interference. This makes it possible for the user to place the antenna in many different places around the home without fear of missing a call due to a strong signal. Because of this factor, it is also likely that the user will be able to get more done with their cell phone usage. Instead of having to deal with a weak signal, they will likely be able to stay connected with ease. Because this is an important part of modern life, this is a feature that everyone should consider.


When people look for ways to get better reception, they should take a look at the use of the antenna outdoor range. It is a feature that will make a big difference in the amount of time that people can talk on their cell phones. This is a major consideration and it makes the 4G antenna outdoor range a good choice for just about everyone.

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