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Item Name Specification
GPS Electrical Parameter
Frequency Range (1575.42±1.023)MHz
Gain (28±3)dB
Noise Quotiety ≤1.5dB
Output Impedance 50Ω
Out-of-band rejection
≥40dB @ fo-100MHz
≥28dB@ fo+100MHz
Working Voltage DC(+3.3~+5)V
Working Current ≤30mA(@+3.3V)
Input Connector SMA-C-J3 

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How to Get the Best Automotive Antenna Reception in Your Car ?
Check Your Antenna Length

The size of automotive antenna for special things, like your automobile or a walkie-talkie, are very intentional. The radio sends out wavelengths, and antennas are crafted to first-rate pick out up these wavelengths from the air and translate them into the sound you hear.

In a nutshell, the longer the antenna the extra indicators it can catch. So for your truck attempting to trap the wavelengths of your radio station, usually what is referred to as a quarter-length antenna is best, so that is about 32 inches long. Too lengthy is higher than too short, and some thing much less than 26 inches is much less than perfect for tuning in to your nearby FM radio stations.

Improve Your Automotive Antenna Position

Placement of your antenna matters. The in addition away from your engine compartment, the better. All the electrical units buzzing below your hood intrude with the radio wavelengths your antenna is attempting to choose up. You might also have heard this interference coming over your radio at some factor as something from smooth static and hissing to loud buzzes and pops.

You'll be aware that many more recent auto fashions have the antenna on the fender, proper again close to the trunk, for this very reason. If yours isn't, it would be really worth the effort to exchange its function to extend the radio reception of your truck.

Once you have moved it, be positive to floor the antenna's wire. This is essential, so make positive you use a thick, fine audio gadget grounding wire and join it to the truck's frame, or at least a heavy and unpainted section of the metallic chassis.

Give Your Signal a Boost
Besides the antenna itself, there are different equipment that can assist increase your radio reception. Your best and most available choice would be to make investments in a pre-amplifier or sign booster. These raise up a vulnerable sign from your antenna earlier than it receives to your radio, giving your audio system some greater power. They're additionally easy to install.

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