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600Mbps Wireless USB Adapter

Electrical Specifications

Interface USB2.0 Hi-Speed connector 

Wireless Standard IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11a,IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b

Frequency Range  2.4GHz & 5.8GHz

Wireless Speed 11b: Max 11Mbps,11g:Max 54Mbps ,11n:Max 150Mbps,AC:Max 433Mbps 

  • Description

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So you've decided to invest in a wireless antenna usb device. What are the first things that will need to be taken into consideration? You'll need to consider exactly what type of signal you want your wireless antenna to pick up and whether it's going to be a permanent installation or not. Some of the newer devices do not to work by charger but could be used via an usb connection through your desktop computer or laptop.


Next you'll need to decide if your wireless antenna usb device will be for indoor or outdoor use. The latter is more popular as the range on an indoor model is much greater than on an outdoor model, however both have their advantages. The outdoor device is more convenient to use as it can be used out in the open as well as inside buildings. It also has the advantage of providing a much clearer signal due to the natural movement of the antenna.


Once you've decided on the frequency and signal strength you need for your wireless antenna usb device, finding a good place to install it is very important. You'll want to mount it on a sturdy flat surface and make sure there are no objects in the way blocking the signal. Antenna placement is important as there are certain frequencies that transfer better through walls and other obstacles. Another factor to consider is whether the signal will be stronger if the antenna is close to the router or cable modem. In this case, the closer the antenna is, the stronger the signal. Wireless Internet is not perfect and if the signal strength is weak in one area, it may be affected in another.


As mentioned previously, wireless antennas require an active usb connection to work properly and many are set up and only need an initial power supply. This is fine if you're installing the device in a location where you'll be using an usb cord only as you won't have to run wires throughout the room. If, however, you plan on using the device on a computer or laptop, a wireless Ethernet adapter is required. A wireless Ethernet adapter is a small device that plugs into your USB port and acts like a wireless antenna.


A wireless broadband connection is always best for saving money and increasing your productivity. However, to get optimal performance from your wireless wi-fi antenna usb device, be sure to use it in the designated areas. Also be sure to keep the wireless antenna away from objects that cause interference with your signals. A clear view of the sky and surrounding terrain is also important. Avoid placing your device near or within walls, trees, and tall buildings to maximize your signal strength.


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