Shenglu E-band and MmWave Band

Antenna for 5G communication brings three new aspects to the table: bigger channels (to speed up data), lower latency (to be more responsive), and the ability to connect a lot more devices at once (for sensors and smart devices). Among them, E-band plays an indispensable role in the 5G era, or millimeter-wave, is the really new stuff.


The E-band (71 GHz to 86 GHz) supports transmission of high-speed data (~10 Gbps) over short distances (2 km to 3 km).


At present, Shenglu E-band antennas’ solutions basically cover most of the conventional needs on the market as shown in the following table, and the global annual shipment exceeds 60,000 pcs. 



Shenglu's E-band antennas always guarantee 100% full field test and delivery, and core indicators such as gain are based on measured data, and are always in the leading position in the industry.


There is a more prominent advantage application, is Band and Carrier Aggregation (BCA), which is a great technique to increase the distance of point-to-point links while at the same time providing better reliability. Combining lower bands such as 15, 18, or 23 GHz with the E-band using dual-band antennas can enable links to cover 7 km to 10 km with capacities that can exceed 10 Gigabits per Second (Gbps). Shenglu has more than 3 mature (Dual-band Antennas (Multi-band Antennas) solutions since 2018 to support global mainstream radio vendors, covering 0.3M and 0.6M in dimension, and frequency bands mainly covering 5G,11G, 13G, 15G, 18G, 23G,28G combined with 80G.






In addition, there are several members of the millimeter wave that cannot be ignored in 5G era. According to the recent GSMA report on Wireless Backhaul Evolution, V-band and E-band are expected to enjoy exceptional growth in the coming years, with an 11.6% CAGR from 2021 to 2027 across all regions. In fact, it is projected that the total number of E-band links could account for over 70% of all millimeter wave links (V/E/W/D) by 2027.


The search for more spectrum has prompted operators, equipment vendors, and regulators to explore frequencies in the W-band (92 GHz to 114 GHz) and D-band (130 GHz to 175 GHz).



Shenglu Telecommunication are also doing research and development and exploration of W-band and D-band antennas solution to support the development of 5G and the upcoming 6G era. Sincerely, we invite you to get to know our E-band, V-band and Multi-band, the ultimate mmW solution.



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