The Usage of Shenglu Luneberg Lens Antenna in High-Speed Railway Signal Coverage System

Have you suffered from spasmodic mobile communications during high-speed railway travels? Have you experienced the bad internet access service when you tried to reply an email in a high-speed traveling train? 


Don’t worry! That’s not the fault of your phone! It’s the telecom operators.

Let’s firstly look into the reason why mobile signals are so bad served on high-speed trains!

Basically, the mobile signal coverage is in cells. The cell phone roams among cells. The distance between two cells is around 1000 meters limited to the signal coverage ability of general BSA antennas. Well, in the middle of A and B, there is a signal overlap area of around 50 meters distance.


In the signal overlap area, cell phones’ roaming handshake protocol processes take place, so that the phone connection to base stations won’t be interrupted. And users don’t experience bad communication services. This handshake process takes around 1 second.

When you are walking, riding a bicycle or driving a car among communities or city blocks, the roaming time for cells switching is purely sufficient.

This differs in situation of high-speed traveling trains!

If a train travels at a high speed of 350km/h, it is 92m/s. To travel from cell A to cell B, it only takes around 11 seconds. Also, it only takes 0.5 second to run through the whole overlap area. The roaming cell phone lost the signal from cell A but failed to establish new connection with cell B as the insufficient transition time. An interruption occurs. That means there is an interruption in every 11 seconds. The real situation could be worse. The cell phone users experience very bad connection services.

Just imagine that, if the web browser recognized and addressed a URL in several seconds and just started to fetch data from the cloud side, but then the connection got lost, and it needs to analyze and address URL again and again periodically. Could any internet service be accomplished in such terrible situation? Obviously, the answer is NO.


To solve this severe problem, Shenglu developed out a series of Luneberg Lens Antennas for telecommunication situations which could improve the signal coverage efficiency and user experiences to a great extent.

Shenglu Luneberg Lens Antennas were born with excellent performances and great features.


Support of ±45° polarization

With support to ±45° polarization accomplishment, Shenglu Luneberg Lens Antennas could be used directly to the existing telecom system without any compatibility problem. Direct replacement saves cost and time both to system level and operation level works.

Wider Vertical Beam Width

Shenglu Luneberg Lens Antennas have vertical beam width of 30 degrees, and it is triple times of the traditional BSA antennas. It can provide much longer service distance than traditional ones. This enlarges the connection time a lot. Users won’t experience much frequently disruption subjectively.

High Radiation Gains

Shenglu Luneberg Lens Antennas has signal gains up to 18dBi. This ensures the ability of long distance services.

Light Weight and Easy Installation

Shenglu Luneberg Lens Antennas use extra light materials. They have very light weight and easy installation structures. These improve the stability and cost efficiency.

Multi Beams Solutions Available

Shenglu Luneberg Lens Antennas accomplish multi beams solutions from dual beams, triple beams, quad beams to penta beams which are perfect solutions for building signal positioning coverage.

In situation of high-speed train, to solve the problem of frequent shifting between cells, one aspect of the solution is to combine 12 cells RRU into 1 super RRU. Cell phones roaming among these 12 micro RRUs won’t cause any roaming shifting processes and users won’t experience any shifting interruption. The other aspect of the solution is to use longer distance signal coverage antennas. Shenglu Luneberg Lens Antennas are the preferred solution.

With rapidly technology developing in RF telecom industry, Shenglu is always at the forward frontiers and is one of the tier one venders of telecom products and components in world wide range.




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