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Item Name Specification
Electrical Parameter
Frequency (MHz) 1710-2170
VSWR <1.5
Input Impedance(Ω) 50Ω
1880-2170MHz: 13±1
Font to Back Ratio(dB) ≥15
Beamwidth(Eplane) (°) 32±10
Beamwidth(Hplane) (°) 38±10
Intermodulation(dBc) ≤-150
Polarization Type Vertical
Max. power(W) 50
Lightning protection DC ground
Connector Type N-Female
Other Parameter
Weight ≤860
Length ≤600
Rated Wind Velocity 40 

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When it comes to the selection of the most suitable Yagi Antenna Manufacturers, you have three basic choices. These are dealers that specialize in this brand or equipment, retailers that carry only this brand and independent producers that also produce and sell antennas under this name. The market for these products is growing due to their high reliability and durability as well as the ease of installation and maintenance. If you're looking to purchase a system for your new home or office, you need to take time to do some research before buying and, of course, after testing one to determine if it will suit your needs and requirements.


One of the most important considerations when purchasing a Yagi antenna is choosing the right dealer. The best option is to purchase from an experienced dealer who will be able to answer all your questions and guide you in the right direction. Yagi antenna manufacturers have websites where you can get more information about each product including features, prices, and delivery information. It's also advisable to check out the dealer's service center to see how they handle return and refund policies. Reputable dealers will always offer these facilities.


You should also consider the type of model you need to purchase. There are many models offered by Yagi antenna manufacturers. Most of them are suitable for outdoor usage and some even come with additional accessories such as mounting accessories, a battery charger, and a grounding conductor. However, make sure that the model you choose will fit the intended location and will work properly. You also need to check on the warranty policy and other services offered like installation.


You must also consider how user-friendly the product is. It should be easy to install and maintain. Check out the manual that comes with the product to ensure that it will not cause you any trouble. If possible, try testing the product at the dealership's store to ensure that you get an accurate measurement.


Lastly, you should also consider the price of the antenna. You have plenty of options from different Yagi antenna manufacturers, so it's only right to shop around. Compare the price and features of each model to make sure that you get the perfect product within your budget. If you're lucky, you might even get a good deal.


Overall, choosing a brand name from a reputable manufacturer is important. You should be confident that your investment is worthwhile and the antenna manufacturers can deliver the right performance and results. You can trust them with the assurance that you won't encounter a defect or anything else that might go wrong. With all these, you're assured that you've made the best choice and selection in choosing the right antenna for your needs.


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