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LTE integrated Pico station system is a wireless broadband mobile communication product developed according to 3GPP standard to meet the indoor signal coverage and user streaming requirements in 4G era. As a wireless coverage device, Pico base station is to provide the breadth and depth of LTE network coverage, not only to provide signal blind compensation and enhancement services for the macro base station, but also to share the user load of the macro base station to reduce the pressure of the macro base station. It can be widely used in urban hot spots, supermarkets, stadiums and other crowded areas.

Characteristics of Pico Site:

  • Broadband / dual band, can meet 4G / 5G convergence networking > with omni directional antenna coverage, roundness < 7dB
  • Meet the indoor all-round coverage.
  • Low profile, only 10 mm high with PCB
  • Easy to install, using POGPIN feed, for the enduser, only need 3 screws to fasten, no need to install connector or welding feeder.

Scene details


  • Traditional indoor coverage scheme: BBU + RRU + combiner + repeater + external antenna multistage architecture
  • Lampsite system architecture: BBU + switch + prru three-level architecture Lampsite
  • Application scenarios: high data flow, high ARPU value user aggregation, significant tidal effect, LTE target construction area




Shenglu Poic Site Antenna Specification 









Feature description


  • Matching in harsh metal environment, with omni-directional coverage features, roundness less than 7dB, to meet the best indoor omni-directional antenna coverage.
  • Low profile, only 10 mm high with PCB
  • The unit adopts FPC, so the cost is low
  • The integrated support is adopted for easy installation.

This kind of product technical characteristics, follow-up development direction and planning

Technical features:

  • The antenna is built-in, and the electrical performance index must be achieved in harsh metal environment
  • With the development of 5g, the antenna needs to meet the low profile, broadband / multi frequency characteristics
  • It supports MIMO and satisfies high isolation

Industry attributes:

As the indoor omni antenna manufacturer of spare parts to the pico cell, complete the preset indicators of the equipment supplier, cooperate with the equipment supplier to optimize the layout of the whole machine, and provide design suggestions.



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