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Model No. SL12963A,SL12976A
Gain(dBi) 9
Cross polarisation@
Pol@0Deg(dB) >=15
Cross polarisation@
Pol@+/-25Deg(dB) >=12
Max Sweep angle
(azimuth)(deg) +/-17
Azimuth PBW(deg) 40
Gain(dBi)@ 0deg 12
azimuth HPBW(deg) 90
Ripple in HPBW
Range(dB) <=3
dimension (mm) 250*200*20
Storage temperature(℃) -55~80
Protection against dust IP 67

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With hundreds of base station antenna manufacturers in operation today, selecting the right manufacturer is critical to getting the most from your purchase. You want one that will give you the most professional and reliable design and will work well within your power and space requirements. You also want one that has been around for many years and has a proven track record. Antenna designers come in all shapes and sizes and your final choice may come down to a company's reputation or a manufacturer who fits your description.

Station antennas are used on many different types of radio and satellite communications systems. Some base station antenna manufacturers offer more specialty designs and offer a host of features to compliment their broad range of products. Others specialize in a specific niche and may only be found in certain industries. So, be sure to research what specific type of station you need before choosing a base station antenna manufacturer.

Another important consideration is the history of each manufacturer. You'll want to know how long each company has been in business, their products and service reviews and customer comments. Also ask about manufacturer service records and return policies. Antenna companies that stand behind their products and have no hidden surprises are likely to provide you with an excellent product and excellent service.



Most of us go into business for different reasons. For some, it's to earn a living and provide for our families. Other folks want to start a business where their efforts and time are focused on providing a superior product and customer service. There's also the group that wants something that will give them that "special" appearance. Manufacturers with an abundance of variety should be able to accommodate your desires.

Finally, consider the price. Base antenna manufacturers should not charge an arm and a leg to produce a single product. Ask about their manufacturing costs and their profit margin. Keep in mind that most companies sell their products at wholesale prices so you can get a good deal. Also consider the additional shipping costs you may incur when purchasing an antenna from a particular company.

When you're ready to purchase a base station antenna, don't be intimidated by the array of choices. Use these tips to narrow your selections. Look at the quality of the manufacturer, the cost and how well their customer service will stand up under pressure. Read through the manufacturer's warranty and ask others who have purchased from the same company. Finally, visit the company's website to find out more information about their products and service.


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