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0.6m 14.4~15.35GHz Separated Dual-polarized Microwave Antenna SLA0615D3S00B20

Model Number: SLA0615D3S00B20

Electrical Specifications

Frequency (GHz) 14.4~15.35

Polarization Dual (V & H)

Gain , Low(dBi) 36.7

Gain, Mid(dBi) 37.1

Gain, Top(dBi) 37.3

Beam Width  2.4°

Cross-pol. Discrimination_XPD (dB) 30

F/B Ratio (dB) 65

ISO.(dB) 35

VSWR / RL (dB) 1.3/17.7

Regulatory Compliance ETSI EN 302217 Range 2 Class 3

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A panel directional antenna is an outdoor antenna that improves your signals. The most common types are the BFO (Binary Through Canopy) antennas that have a feedhorn on top. These are normally used in the city and work well for receiving signals from nearby buildings. But they will not work well if you are far away from them.


This type of antenna is usually used for the home, as it has a much wider frequency range that can be used for both incoming and outgoing signals. The most important thing to note when choosing this type is the type of reception you want. If you are looking for a specific geographic location then the best choice for you would be the BFO antenna gain (which is a little higher than the 7 dbi antenna gain).


For those of you who prefer the more modern type of outdoor antennas, the 4g panel-directional antenna is a very good choice. It is also a very good option for people with limited mobility. It has a much wider frequency range than the above mentioned antenna. This means you can receive signals from cities and rural areas even if there are some islands nearby. This is ideal for people living in outlying areas that receive limited signals from the main network.


A panel ductless antenna like the ones you will find on many outdoor security cameras is also an ideal solution. It works by picking up signals from the broadcast towers and beams them out into the air. To receive this signal, the panel directional antenna will need to be within a few feet of the tower. It also has a much wider frequency range than the above mentioned antenna model.


If you are planning on mounting the panel directional antenna on a pole, you will want to mount it away from power lines. The panel directional antenna should have a range of about forty feet from the nearest power line. This will ensure a strong signal. Remember that you can extend this range further but this is generally not recommended.


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