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3.0m Ultra High Performance Antenna Integrated Dual-polarized

Electrical Specifications
Frequency (GHz) 12.75~13.25
Polarization Dual(V & H)
Gain , Low(dBi) 49.2
Gain, Mid(dBi) 49.4
Gain, Top(dBi) 49.6
Beam Width 0.5°
Cross-pol. Discrimination_XPD (dB) 30
F/B Ratio (dB) 75
ISO.(dB) 35
VSWR / RL (dB) 1.3/17.7
Regulatory Compliance ETSI EN 302217 Range 1 Class 3

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Microwave communication is the transmission of data by electromagnetic radiation with frequencies in the microwave spectrum of the radio frequency. Microwaves can travel for long distances and so it can be used as a means of communication between places that are thousands of miles apart. It is also possible to use a short wave radio to communicate with someone who is using a long-distance receiver. For example, an electronic clock radio, which has a station tuned to the same frequency as that of your home radio, can be used to communicate when you are away from home without hampering the quality of your signal.


To use this type of technology in communication, you need to acquire a device that can receive and radiate microwave waves. There are a number of devices that you can use for this purpose such as a handheld transceiver or a satellite dish. The satellite dish is preferred as it receives the high-frequency radio waves from satellites that are in geosynchronous orbit above the earth. These high frequency radio waves are necessary for the functioning of a microwave.


In addition, there are certain devices that are set up in high-urban areas, where homes and offices are located close to each other and thus, there is a necessity for a system that is able to transmit and receive microwave signals. There are many advantages of using this kind of technology for communication and one of them is that it allows users to make use of wireless connections. For example, with the help of a cable free modem, users can establish microwave links inside the office premises to enable voice and data communication.


One can also talk over the air with the help of a portable device that has been designed to receive and transmit ultra high frequency radio waves. These devices are known as satellite radios and they work on the basis of a single-transmitter and multiple receivers. It is because of this feature that they are able to extend the functionalities of regular cell phones. In order to take advantage of these benefits offered by the microwave service, one needs to have an appropriate dish antenna. This is because the signal sent by the microwave band has a shorter wavelength.


Another benefit of microwave links is that it is provided with a diversity of channels. The more the number of channels the higher the chances that different channels will be able to send their radio waves into the same area. Thus, users can enjoy seamless connectivity with each other regardless of whether they are located in the same building or thousands of miles apart. They just need to find an appropriate service provider to install the necessary infrastructure for them to enjoy seamless connectivity with each other even when one is in different locations.


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