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0.6m 5.925~7.125GHz Separated Dual-polarized Microwave Antenna SLA066WD2S00N20

Model Number: SLA066WD2S00N20

Electrical Specifications
Frequency (GHz) 5.925~7.125GHz
Polarization Dual (V & H)
Gain , Low(dBi) 28.8
Gain, Mid(dBi) 29.6
Gain, Top(dBi) 30.4
Beam Width 5.1°
Cross-pol. Discrimination_XPD (dB) 30
F/B Ratio (dB) 51
ISO.(dB) 35
VSWR / RL (dB) 1.5/14.0
Regulatory Compliance ETSI EN 302217 Range 1 Class 2

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When purchasing a fiber optic wire antenna the first thing you need to do is determine if it is an omni antenna or just a regular one. A omni antenna has the ability to pick up more than one wave at a time. This is one of the main reasons it is so useful. If you have an antenna with this capability it will be able to pick up several different frequencies at the same time. The 4G omni antenna was specifically designed for wall mounting.


You can mount your fiber optic network antenna to any wall stud. The 4g omni antenna comes with a mounting bracket. So you should not have any problems mounting it. To connect your wireless device to your 4g router all you have to do is put the correct Ethernet cable into the back of your 4g omni antenna. When you connect the cable to the 4g router you will automatically receive a signals even with multiple devices.


Most people would think that the frequency of the signals from the 4g router would interfere with their home's airwaves. But this is not the case. The frequencies that the 4g router picks up are broadcast in a unlicensed range. That means other devices can pick them up as well. So when you install the 4g omni antenna you will not cause interference with your home's airwaves.


To test the effectiveness of your 4g omni antenna to receive an internet signal you can plug it into an independent testing modem. When you do this you should find that the antenna transmits a good range of signal. Also if you have a broadband internet connection it should provide you with a strong signal as well. It should also have a QoS compliant alarm. When the alarm goes off if the network goes down for too long it will be turned off by the 4g router automatically.


To protect your 4g omni antenna from damage you can buy a protection shield. This will help to prevent RF voltage from damaging the connections between the cable and the antenna. There are also devices that will protect your 4g Omnidirectional Antenna from damage due to static electricity. When you are using a device that has a protection shield make sure that you leave all the power cords outside of the protected area.


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